Directed by Muayad Alayan
Written by Rami Alayan & Muayad Alayan
Produced by Rachel Robey, Muayad Alayan, Dorothe Beinemeier, Hanneke Niens,
Giorgos Karnavas, Alastair Clark, Rami Alayan & Abeer Salman
Coproduced by Isabelle Georgeaux
Sales: Heretic Outreach
A PalCine Productions & Wellington Films production, 2022
Miley Locke & Johnny Harris
Miley Locke & Johnny Harris
Young Rebecca is forced to move with her father from the UK to Jerusalem, in the hopes that a new beginning can help her heal from her mother’s sudden death. Soon after settling into an old house in a neighbourhood known as the Valley of the Ghosts, a series of mysterious events begin and Rebecca is blamed. Diving deep into the mystery of the house and the mystical city of Jerusalem, Rebecca sets out on an enigmatic journey to discover what hides in the shadows of the house.

Crafted by the talented duo Muayad and Rami Alayan, A HOUSE IN JERUSALEM is an eerily suspenseful and touching story told through the eyes of a young girl, exploring the strength of memory and the power of love.
Bosphorus Film Festival - Best International Feature Film (Golden Dolphin)
Bosphorus Film Festival - Best International Director
Boston Palestine Film Festival - Best Narrative Feature Audience Award
Asia Pacific Screen Awards - Best Youth Film​​​​​​​
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